February 2022

Berry Pies and Lemon Tarts

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It was Pie time for some Baking and Pastry making this week. Students got to learn the finer points of pie and tart crust as they rolled, shaped, and wove their delicious creations. Berry pies and lemon tarts, delighted our eyes and filled our hearts

5 Questions with Jennie Taylor

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Jennie Taylor is an awesomely cool math teacher here at Landmark. She wears a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle to school. Her classes are always fun to be in. Math with Jennie is a blast because she teaches the subject the way people understand. She helps you have a good time learning. She is willing to help you no matter what!

Joe Solis

Stand4Kind Assembly

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Landmark was lucky to have Ben Kjar and Poolhouse at the assembly today. Both the message and the music made an impact. Be a victor, not a victim. "I am a force for good" Step up!

MTECH Field Trip

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Carly, Ben, Andrew, and Carrie's English classes took a tour of MTECH today. Students visited the Spanish Fork campus as part of their Career Planning Unit. Students were able to see the Cosmetology, Dental Assisting, Auto, and Diesel Mechanic shops firsthand. Lots of options for students to choose from for their training, education, and career placement. Check out MTECH's offering here: https://mtec.edu/



Todd Moake PEAK Award Winner

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Todd Moake, Campus Supervisor, Landmark High
Nominated by: Kelly Cole Taylor

“Todd goes above and beyond the job of campus supervisor! Not only does he do a great job with our campus security, he supports Landmark's policies by collecting cell phones to help students stay on task in class. He has helped with the installation of water fountains and hand sanitizing stations during COVID along with many other necessary installations. Todd works with faculty and students in a way that lets them know he cares. I wouldn't want to be at Landmark without Todd Moake.”

Lana Hiskey, Kelly Cole Taylor

Prom Provisions Preparation

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The Prom Committee had a sampling of provisions provided by Chef Sarah Molen today. She had her students whip up a delectable array of flavor profiles featuring "Fire" and "Ice." It was hot and cold, spicy and mild, sweet and savory. Some of the flavors were overwhelming crowd-pleasers and some left a bad taste in the committee's mouths. Only the most flavorful food will be served at Landmark's Prom. Come join us to get a taste of the great food curated and prepared just for you, deliciousness awaits:

Saturday, March 12, 7-10pm 

Sarah Molen

Bird Beak Lab

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Worms were on the menu today at Landmark if you were a "bird" in Emily's science class. They rotated to different stations and used different “beaks” to collect different foods. Students worked in teams to investigate and record their findings.

"A wonderful bird, the pelican.

His beak can hold more than his bellycan!"

Emily Hiatt

Mark Your Calendars

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Be aware of these upcoming events:

February 21- No School- President's Day

February 28- No School- Teacher Preparation Day

March 9- ACT for Juniors (No School for Sophomores and Seniors)

March 12- Prom 7-10 pm (Dinner from 7-8, Dancing 8-10, get your tickets now, admission is FREE)

March 16- School Picture Day

March 17- End of Mini-term 6

March 18- No School- District Development Day

Last Day of the Mini-term

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If your grades are good and your work is done, it’s time to break out the Army guys! Students in Sue’s class got to dig in to the games closet after finishing their assignments and getting great grades. Well done Dragons

SueAnn Harding