5 Questions with Jennie Taylor

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Mon, 02/28/2022 - 11:31
Jennie Taylor Math Teacher
Jennie Taylor Math Teacher
Jennie Taylor Math Teacher
Jennie Taylor Math Teacher
Jennie Taylor Math Teacher

Jennie Taylor is an awesomely cool math teacher here at Landmark. She wears a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle to school. Her classes are always fun to be in. Math with Jennie is a blast because she teaches the subject the way people understand. She helps you have a good time learning. She is willing to help you no matter what! She became a teacher because she enjoyed being around people and being in school. Jennie is a super motivated and positive teacher she always is willing to help. Jennie is quick to tell you when you've done something wrong. However, she is just as quick to compliment when you do something good. Jennie is also one of the best snack givers here at Landmark. She will give out Lifesavers to her students when they have done their assignments or work for the day.

Q.  When did you decide to become a teacher and why did you choose this profession? 

A.  I used to play school with my stuffed animals when I was a little kid. I would set them all up with a desk and I would just play teacher. I don't know why but I just loved it and I loved being in school. Now I love being with the students here at Landmark and I just really enjoy teaching.

Q. Why did you choose to teach math?

A. Oh I was going to teach music cuz I thought it would be easier and then I got into about two semesters of Music and it was way harder so I thought meh I'm going to teach math,  math is my first love any way that's why I switched over to math, and I just like helping kids do stuff that they hate.

Q. What do you find most frustrating about teaching?

A.   I think it is most frustrating to see kids give up when they can't do it. They just stop that's really tough to watch.

Q.  What is your greatest professional achievement?

A.  It's really rewarding when I hear that students have learned because of something that I helped them do.    

Q.   How do you motivate students to learn?  

A.    I try to leave it up to the students. Often students come in and they will either not do their work or they put their head down and sleep and I don't badger them. Instead, I try to help by staying next to students and giving you some help to get you pointed in the right direction. I think the biggest thing, at least in math, is to help students feel like they can be successful. A lot of the time students come in and say “I hate math” and “I can't do this.” So, I need to give them a little bit of help along the way to make them feel like, “Okay, this isn't too bad, I can be successful.” I think that’s the best way it motivates students in math.     


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