Landmark High School is an alternative school that serves the students and families of Nebo School District.


The purpose of the Landmark Organization is to provide quality educational alternatives in a safe and caring environment.


Our Landmark Family provides learning opportunities that build on students’ strengths to develop productive citizens through individual attention and personal accountability.


FamilyOur family is composed of unique individuals, each with his/her own strengths and needs.  Landmark family members are accountable to each other and will treat each other in a caring and respectful way. 

IntegrityWe will be professional and honest in all of our relationships and responsibilities.  

Communication-  We will be open and consistent in our communications. We will listen to understand all perspectives.  

Achievement-  We will work together to build and achieve the skills and habits necessary for a successful life. 

Positive AttitudeWe will have helpful and positive attitudes in all we do.


Beliefs:  Our beliefs within the Landmark Organization center around four domains: Environment, Teaching and Learning, Quality of Life, and Individual Rights and Responsibilities.  They are as follows:


We Believe That:

  • Restoring student hope and confidence is the key to breaking the pattern of failure.
  • Every teacher and student has the right to teach and learn in a safe environment.
  • Optimal learning takes place in a climate of love, caring, mutual respect and trust.


We Believe That:

  • Students learn most effectively when engaged in meaningful work that they perceive to have value and relevance in their lives.
  • Every person has an inherent ability to learn and progress within their unique and individual abilities and learning styles and the right to be taught accordingly.

Quality of Life        

We Believe That:

  • Performing meaningful work and service contribute to the quality of life for self and others.
  • Literacy and numeracy are the foundations for lifelong learning and the keys to accessing continued opportunities in life.

Individual Rights and Responsibilities        

We Believe That:

  • Individual rights are always accompanied by individual responsibilities.
  • The concept of family is the foundation of our society with education as a shared responsibility of the home, school, and community.

"Sapienta eligere tuus fatum"  "Wisdom to choose your destiny"