Cell Phone Policy

Landmark Electronic Use Policy

The use of personal students’ electronics in the classroom is a major cause for lack of engagement with learning activities, failure to pay attention to classroom instruction, and disciplinary referrals to the office.  In order to improve student learning and the overall classroom environment, it is critical that we implement a policy dealing with cell phones and other electronic use to include personal headphones in the classroom.

The district policy includes:

3.1 Student use of electronic devices must adhere to the following rules and guidelines: 

3.1.1 Electronic devices may be used during a class period or school activity when specifically approved by the teacher or a school administrator in conjunction with NEBO SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION POLICIES AND PROCEDURES JDE – Electronic Devices Page 2 of 3 educationally appropriate objectives. A teacher or school administrator should only authorize the use of electronic devices during a class period or other school activities when it benefits and enhances the students’ education. Such matters may be addressed in a disclosure document provided by the teacher outlining class rules, procedures, and expectations. 

3.1.2 Individual schools have the discretion to further prohibit student use of electronic devices during class breaks, lunch periods, or other times during school. Schools also have the discretion to designate certain times and/or areas on the school campus for student use of electronic devices during school hours.  …

3.1.3 Students may use electronic devices during class time when authorized pursuant to an Individual Education Plan (IEP), a Section 504 Accommodation Plan, or a Health Care Plan. 

3.1.4 The use of electronic devices may be prohibited by students during state and federally mandated tests and assessments, unless specifically allowed by law, an IEP, a Section 504 Accommodation Plan, a Health Care Plan, or testing/assessment directions.

Student Cell Phone Use at Landmark School

The use of electronic devices during the school day is a privilege, not a right.  Students are permitted to have them on their person throughout the school day as long as they are able to adhere to the requirements spelled out in this policy.  For the purposes of this policy, “classroom time includes the time between bells identifying the beginning and ending of class periods.   Therefore, allowable times for phone usage include pass times and lunchtime as well as before and after school.  These requirements include:

1.  All students are expected to power off their cell phones and put away headphones—out of sight— as they enter the classroom.  This does not mean merely silencing the phone or pulling earphones out of the ear.

2.  Students who use a classroom hall pass are required to leave their phone in the classroom with the teacher as a prerequisite to have a hall pass privilege.

3.  Any unauthorized use of an electronic device during class time, to include assemblies or other gatherings during class time, is considered a violation of this policy whether the student is in or outside of the classroom.  Students should not request or be allowed to step outside of the classroom to make or receive a phone call.

When teachers have technology needs as part of their instructional activities, they are asked to use devices other than cell phones where possible. 


Loss of the Electronic Device Privilege

Students who fail to follow the requirements outlined in this policy will lose their electronic device privilege.  They  must leave their electronic devices in the office at the beginning of the school day where they will be locked securely for the entire day.  The student will receive a phone card that must be returned at the end of the day in exchange for the device.  The device will be returned to the student at the end of the day or when the student has been legitimately checked out by a parent for the day.  The student may choose to leave their cell phone at home in which case they must bring a note from a parent verifying that the phone is at home.  It is not the responsibility of the staff to verify the phone is at home.

First Offense- The student will lose their electronic device privilege for the remainder of the week.

Second Offense- The student will lose their electronic device privilege for the remainder of the mini term.

Third Offense-  If a student has a third offense, they will be withdrawn from their classes and be required to complete the mini term in independent studies.

Students who are seen using an electronic device during restricted times will be told to put the phone away and be reported to the administration.  If a student refuses to comply, and is belligerent or disrespectful to the staff member, the teacher will report the incident to the administration.  If necessary, the student will be removed from the classroom and subject to disciplinary measures. 

A list will be kept of students who have lost electronic device privileges and are required to have their phones secured in the office.  Students on the list will be expected to check their device in the office in time to get to class without being tardy.  Students who fail to check in their phone in the morning will be moved to the next offense level.  This may result in the loss of their schedule.

Parent/Student Emergency Contacts

Parents who need to contact their student in case of an emergency may call the main office. The student will be contacted immediately.  Non-emergency messages will be delivered as soon as possible outside of class time.

Students who have a legitimate emergency need to call a parent, may come to the counseling or main office to make an emergency call.

Exceptions to this policy can only be made through the administrative team.


Revised 5 August 2022