November 2021

Leadership Journals

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Tue, 11/30/2021 - 19:55

Students in Sue's leadership class learned to craft their own journals. They used the tools and techniques to create their very own works of art from paper, string, and leather. Not only do they look fantastic, but they have a great functional purpose!

SueAnn Harding

The Stock Market Crashes in US History Class

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Tue, 11/30/2021 - 19:23

Students got a taste of the risks and rewards of investing in the stock market in class today. US History teachers Chelsey O. and Chelsie Y. ran their classes through a simulated stock exchange with the help of fellow teachers. Students bought, sold, and traded stocks and capitalized on increased market shares. There was an inevitable market correction, followed by tumbling values, and an eventual crash. Better luck next time!

Avery Pettit, Lily McLeod, Sulie Lauaki, Jaci Warner

It's Painting Time!

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Mon, 11/29/2021 - 16:11

Bonzo's class was hard at work finishing their paintings before the break. They worked on their canvases as Bonzo helped out with his superhero art teacher training. Bonzo the Great!

Sarah Knudsen, Hunter Hopes

Student Support

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Mon, 11/29/2021 - 16:07

Janna Manookin has been working hard to help students complete the last few credits they need to graduate. Located in the library section of Landmark High School, the Student Support Center provides a quiet dedicated space to allow students to work. Pop by and see what the SSC can do for you!

Ashley Martinez

Thanksgiving Feast

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Fri, 11/26/2021 - 10:13

Our Thanksgiving feast tradition continued this week as the Landmark Family gathered for a delicious dinner! There was turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, sweet potatoes, rolls, dressing, and pumpkin pie for everyone- with second helpings if you wanted them. The faculty, staff, and administration served up the food and the students brought the fun and good times. Special thanks go to Kristeene Zeeman for coordinating every detail of the entire meal, and SueAnn and her Leadership students for setting up, decorating!

Kyra Gilchrist, Sierra Ainge

I’m Thankful For

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Thu, 11/25/2021 - 07:47

The students in Lynn Steele’s classroom took time to think about the things they are thankful for. They wrote up a sampling of their gratitude items on the whiteboard this week before the holiday break.

Lynn Steele

Ellis Island Immigration Activity

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Tue, 11/23/2021 - 11:20

History students got a taste of what it was like to arrive in the United States as an immigrant at the turn of the century. Chelsie and Chelsey had their students fill out forms, undergo medical examinations, legal inspections, and even test to determine their mental fitness before admittance into the country. The activity involved lots of waiting, paperwork, exams, more waiting, crowding, more forms to fill out, and then a ruling on their ability to make the US their home. Would you make the cut?

Bowdy Strasburg, Kambren Nielson