Congratulations to the Mini-Term 2 Dragons of the Month!

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Mon, 11/22/2021 - 11:27
Mele, Eduardo, Jack, Kaiden, and Braxton are the Students of the Mini-term
Attendance: Eduardo Delgado
Positive Attitude Kaiden Tanner
Kaiden collects his Dragon of the Month Award
Productivity: Mele Tasini
Mele Tasini wins Dragon of the Month for Productivity
Cooperation: Jack Peterson
Jack collects his Dragon of the Month Award
Braxton collects his Dragon of the Month Award
Braxton Woodard: Civility

Belated congratulations are in order for the Dragons of the Month for Mini-term 2! The winners are:

Attendance-  Eduardo Delgado did not have a single tardy in first-period English for the entire first term. Not only is he on time, but he is also usually early!

Positive Attitude-  Kaiden Tanner: 1. comes to class every day with the best attitude. He loves to learn and it shows in how much he engages in class. He is kind to others and always makes class fun. 2. Kaiden is always smiling and positive in our class. Even when studying a subject that he didn't love, he participated enthusiastically and had a contagious effect on those around him.

Productivity: Mele Tasini - She is amazing at her steady progress and always uses her time in class to complete her work.

Cooperation: Jack Peterson is super helpful in class. He follows directions, always. He acknowledges when he needs a break and asks to take a lap around the building rather than disturbing class. He is careful to ask for this only during work time. He helps other students around him and makes class a fun place to be.

Civility: Braxton Woodard: He has always been appropriate in my classes and a positive and friendly influence on every student around him. He is respected and liked by everyone, which really helps promote a civil classroom environment. Braxton is always kind and respectful not only to me but to all of the students around him. When others say something unkind, he is quick to remind them to be positive instead. He's a great example!


Kyra Gilchrist, Karen Ising