Red Ribbon Week at Landmark High School

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Landmark High School kicks off their annual “Red Ribbon Week,” by holding a relay race, to prove that you can have fun without using drugs.  Students were divided into teams by their advisory class, and they selected five students to participate in the relay race.  Team members had to do the crab crawl for half the gym and then another two members of the team had to go the rest of the way by doing the wheel barrel.  The fourth student then had to skip through a set of cones, to meet up with their fifth and final team mate who had to eat a donut hanging on a string.  The winning team will be treated to a pizza party.  The winning team was from Brian Davenport’s advisory with a winning time of 52 seconds, the second place team was Todd Killians with a time of one minute ten seconds. 

Students also participated in the annual door poster contest to tell students not to do drugs.  This year’s theme for the doors was “Choosing drugs limits your other choices.”  The doors were decorated by the students, and had many wonderful ideas to stay drug free. 

One of the things that student did to help stay drug free was to come up with a list of 101 things  to do to stay drug free during the holidays.  The list includes activities such as:  Go Caroling, Make hot chocolate, Bake cookies, Help a neighbor, Wrap presents, and many more things.  Students are strongly encouraged to be clean during the holidays.