Landmark Students Donate to Local Food Bank

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Landmark High School held their annual food drive during the months of October and November. Students collected food for the local food bank in Provo, Utah.  Items donated included everything from cans of food, to roman noodle cup of soup, to spices and peanut butter. The students wanted to help in any way possible, even the smallest things, can make a big difference. “I believe this was very good for our school. It is helped us learn skills, for the rest of our life,” stated Michael Haws, member of the LHS Student Council.  LHS Senate member Danielle Distefano stated, “We learned how to help out, care about others, and feel the reward of making a difference in someone’s life.”


The school was divided by their advisory classes competing one against another, to see which class could donate the most food. The class with the most items donated won a pizza party. The student council held the annual Halloween Dance, with admission to the dance being the donation of one can of food.  


Once all the cans of food were donated and collected the LHS senate went to the food bank on November 12, to take all the donated food, and sort the items donated. This was a real opportunity for the students see what happens to the items that the students has donated.  “These students are those who donated their ‘Widows Might’ and received the reward of seeing what they donated help other,” Jeff Bauman commented on the efforts of the students. There were several hundred cans that were collected from both the dance and from the students in general. 

By: Marsadie VanDrimmelen