Students plant trees to help beautify the community and the school

Submitted by brian.davenport on Thu, 11/05/2009 - 18:12

Students of Landmark High School in Spanish Fork took time from their busy day to help plant trees around the school to help beautify the school and the community.  The students felt that this project of planting trees with help provide shade for the students to enjoy as the years go by.

The project was headed up by Patrick Hogle and  Jeff Bauman, both are teachers at LHS.  They then involved members of the schools Student Council and Student Senate to help plant the trees.  According to Patrick the idea of the trees is to “provide shade for the students, and to show the students that we can take part in trying make the environment better.”

“I am glad that we are planning these trees, because it will make things look better, and help the environment,” stated Chelsea Chlarson member of the student council.   “We wanted to plant the trees so it did not look like a patch of grass, and the make things look pretty,” stated Sadie Prewitt, member of the student council.

We wanted one tree that will represent every graduating class for the past 34 years.  Every senior class will raise money and plant a tree.  The other benefit will be the addition of benches and an outdoor classroom where teachers can teach outdoor while the weather is good.  “We like the analogy of planting, watching and nurturing a tree grow, because it is like watching our students grow,” stated Patrick Hogle.

Part of the reason for the students planting trees is to “Help the students take pride in their school and set an example to the rest of the student body about working hard,” stated Jeff Bauman.  He also stated that the students had complained about the view from the classrooms of the road, fields, and the business around the new school.  So the students working with school officials, decided to plant the trees. 

“It will make Landmark prettier, and make things better than looking at the empty fields and cars,” stated Danielle Distefano, member of the LHS Senate.   “We are planting trees for the future of Landmark and the students that will go here in the future,” stated Landon Brown also a member of the LHS Senate.  According to student senate member Jake LeGrand, “The goal is to eventually have benches and turn the area into a place for the students to relax, and enjoy the beauty of the school.”

Many members of the student senate and student council feel that their efforts of planting trees help them take ownership in the school, and are helping out the environment. According to student council member Erich Egles, “I feel really good about helping out the school and the environment.”

Brian Davenport