Principal Joe Kelly Breaks Bricks

Submitted by brian.davenport on Fri, 10/02/2009 - 12:39

     Tuesday September 29, Landmark High School, in Spanish Fork Utah, held their annual Mix-it-Up assembly. The assembly was meant for breaking down the bricks and getting rid of cliques in schools. During the assembly Principal Joe Kelly, showed the students an example on using your inner strength and your inner power to break the bricks. Joe is a 3rd degree black belt, he put down four bricks and told everyone how he has only broke three before, never four.

     Joe gave an amazing speech on how the power you have and how you can do anything you put your mind to it. Then Joe walked over to the bricks, as the audience went quite, you could see that he was concentrating very hard, when he finally swung his arm at the bricks and broke all four of them, the whole school cheered for him. It showed how much power one individual person can have, even if you feel like you can’t do it, if everyone doubts you. Believe in yourself.

     Once you find the power in yourself to break the bricks of all aspects of life. You can start building your foundation of life. That foundation is called wisdom. A good way to help you find wisdom is through education. That’s what Joe is trying to do. He is here to inspire each and every one to break your bricks through education and inner strength. To break the bricks you must have faith in yourself and know you can do anything you put your mind to, to step out on to nothing and land on something is true faith, so don’t be afraid to make a leap for your goals. Find your inner strength and show the world that you are strong.


BY: Trevor Bradford and Chelsea Chlarson