Latinos in Action Sort Food at Local Food Bank

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The Latinos In Action (LIA) student from Landmark High School in Spanish Fork had the opportunity to do some community service.  The goal of LIA is based on helping others as much as possible, and doing community service.  On Wednesday October 15th, the LIA students went on a fieldtrip to the Community Action Service and Food Bank in Provo.  In an effort to provide service to our community, we were assigned several different projects to do. Our first project was to sort the products by dates, and specific groupings.  Moist products like ketchup, and peanut butter went together in the same box, and cereal, crackers, and powders went together in a different box.  Canned food was sorted by dates, anything that was from 2012 or older was thrown away, and anything from 2013 or newer was kept.

There is great satisfaction in helping others, and we are looking forward to doing more service projects this school year!  We are currently working on the “be my boo?” project where the students in the LIA program are selling goodies to help make blankets to go to the homeless members of our community.  Latinos In Action is all about service.

Maria Lara LIA Historian