Landmark High School Participates in the Adobe Youth Voices Program

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     Landmark High School, in Spanish Fork, is participating in the first ever offering of the Adobe Youth Voices program.  This is a program is designed to help students learn about multimedia productions, and gives students the opportunity to share their voice.  This is a program funded by the Adobe Youth Foundation, which is the charitable arm of Adobe.   This is a program that Adobe offers to students all around the world, where there is an Adobe presence.  Adobe fills that, by offering these programs to students, allows Adobe to give back to the community. 

     The students and teachers participating in this program will learn how to create multimedia presentations, and photo essays of their life, or things that are of great influence in their lives.  “By participating in the program, it will look good on a job application, as well as learn more about the Adobe software, including Photoshop elements, and Premiere elements,” stated Senior Blaine Elvidge.  “It is awesome, and I want to learn more about Photoshop and learn more about Premiere, I hope that it will lead me to a career in the field of multimedia productions,” state Senior Michael Vargas. 

     The students and teachers participating in the program would like to thank the Nebo Education Foundation, for the grant they received to purchase cameras, and other equipment that will be used by the students in creating their projects.  Senior Alex Delgadillo said, “this is a great opportunity for me to learn, how to use multimedia, and how it can be a great benefit on a job application.”