Landmark High School Honors Veterans, and Retires American Flag

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In an effort to enhance the Veterans Day experience, and honor all Veterans, and those that work at Landmark High School, the students and administration held their annual flag retirement ceremony, to retire the flag that has flown over Landmark High School, for the past year. 

But what day do you retire a flag? At Landmark they decided that it would be appropriate to retire the flag on Veterans Day. But why do you need to retire a flag? The flag at Landmark fly’s in the wind every day for the whole year from Veterans Day to Veterans Day and after all of the storms that it takes place in and all the wind it goes threw it is only right to retire it after its service. So we retire it in a respectful way and raise a new on to take its place for one year and then it to will be retired in a respectful way.

The retirement ceremony was performed by Scott Carson, Mark VanVoorhis, Howard Bonzo, Todd Killian, Roy Devenish and Paul Dopp. The flag was lowered by Mr. Howard Bonzo retired by each of the veterans that were honored by Landmark High School.  The flag was retired in the appropriate manner in that it was burned by fire.  The ashes of every flag that has flown over Landmark High School has been placed in a special urn for keeping in honor of the school, and those who have served their country.  After the old flag was burned, a new flag was raised by Mr. Howard Bonzo.   Landmark High is proud to honor those veterans who served their country and who are teaching at Landmark High.


Jacob Jones Dragon Times Reporter