Be My Boo? Latinos In Action Provide Service to the Community

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The Latinos In Action (LIA) students of Landmark High School in Spanish Fork are at it, once again! On the 6th of October the LIA students started a fundraiser called “Be My Boo?”  To earn money so that they could make blankets for the homeless members of our community.

The fundraiser consisted of selling cookies, cupcakes and caramel apples, which were being sold during lunch every day and LHS.  Every student with in the LIA group was scheduled to sale, and help raise money for the project. Students would come and buy an item for someone special or even themselves, and on Friday of every week, LIA delivered the goodies during the student’s advisory class. 

Our goal was of $150, and we reached it! We raised $168.50, but we couldn’t have done it without the help of our Landmark High School staff and students. A very special thank you to, Sue Ann Harding who made the cupcakes, Mark VanVoorhis, to the parents who donated the apples, and to the students of LHS who helped out by buying the goodies to give to their friends.


By: Maria Lara LIA Historian