April 2023

Summer School: Classroom Instruction

Submitted by jenett.houghton on Mon, 04/17/2023 - 11:34

Attendance is mandatory

Wednesday May 31- Friday June 30

Monday through Friday 8:30am-12:05pm

Limited bus stops available 801-465-6005

$75 paid to LHS Finance 801-798-4030 (call to pay prior to registration)

Your counselor/admin must send a referral for classes

Jon Loveless jonathan [dot] loveless [at] nebo [dot] edu 801-319-3227

Jon Loveless 801-319-3227 jonathan.loveless@nebo.edu

Hilary Jones Honored with Landmark High Teacher of the Year

Submitted by alesha.lemmon on Sat, 04/22/2023 - 16:08

Hilary Jones was honored as the LHS Teacher of the Year for the 2022-2023 school year. Hilary is an example of all of our school's Vital Behaviors as she serves students each day. She can match anyone around with her grit and determination in helping students succeed. She is their biggest advocate and cheerleader. Hilary represented Landmark well at the April school board meeting where she was formally recognized. Congratulations, Hilary! It's a great day to be a Dragon!

Dragon Spot Light Chelsie Young

Submitted by hilary.jones on Thu, 04/20/2023 - 01:41

Chelsie Young is another fabulous History teacher at Landmark High School. She graduated from Utah State and has been teaching at Landmark for 9 years. Chelsie has taught   /*-->*/ /*-->*/ Social Studies: Anthropology, U.S. History, U.S. Government, and World Civilizations throughout the years at Landmark. When asked how she would survive in a zombie apocalypse Chelsie stated she would backpack into the wilderness and wait it out.

Spring Canyon Day 2023 at Landmark High School

Submitted by hilary.jones on Fri, 04/14/2023 - 08:31

Students at Landmark High School had a curricular canyon day trip to canyon view park where students attended their classes outdoors in nature. Some of the classes students participated in were golfing, kite flying, geo cashing, nature walks, art in nature, kickball, designing fidget toys, quadratic in nature (juggling),  cooking outdoors, and many other classes.  Students were able to practice the vital behaviors at Landmark during the Spring Canyon Day from attendance, civility, cooperation, positive attitude, and productivity. #itsagreatdaytobeadragon #neboschooldistrict #theclimb