March 2023


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All students and faculty at Spanish Fork High are safe.  This was a false report of an active shooter at Spanish Fork High.  Police responded quickly and lockdown protocol was immediately put into place.  Police swept the building and have deemed it safe.   
As a result, your school was either on lockdown or lockout for a short period of time.

We appreciate the quick reaction of our local law enforcement and administration. 

Dragon Spot Light Andrew Apsley

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Andrew Apsley is one of the great English teachers at Landmark High School. Andrew has graduated from BYU and from UVU. Andrew has been teaching for 2 years at Landmark. Andrew says his spirit animal is a spider monkey. Andrew enjoys hiking, cooking, and reading in his spare time.

Landmark Starry Night Prom 2023

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Landmark Starry Night Prom 2023. Students enjoyed a night of having their pictures taken, being seated at a table, and having a 5-course meal with faculty as their wait staff, and dancing followed. #itsagreatdaytobeadragon #neboschooldistrict #theclimb #classof2023

Dragon Spot light Tonya Cluff

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Tonya Cluff is the Adult Education Technician. Tonya has been at Landmark for two years.  If Tonya could grow up in any decade she said she would choose the 50's post-war era, growing economy, great music, and being active in changing social norms. If she could drive any car it would be a 1954 Chevrolet rat rod. We are lucky to have Tonya working in the Adult Education program at Landmark High School. #itsagreatdaytobeadragon. #NeboSchooldistrict #theclimb

How do I respond to my child's negative self-talk?

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Hi Friends! It’s Suzanne again.

Have you ever heard of “stinking thinking?” No, it’s not when you have rotten banana peels and dirty diapers on your mind. 

Stinking thinking is a term used by Allan Pauole, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor with Revere Health, to describe the negative self-talk we often subject ourselves to.

It isn’t just adults that fall victim to these thoughts. Children also have the tendency to think negatively about themselves and sometimes verbalize these things. 

EveryDay Strong- United Way of Utah County

Dragon Spot Lights

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Wendy Miller is the attendance secretary at Landmark High School. She has been at Landmark for 14 years.  If wendy could grow up in any decade it would be the 1980's because life was so much easier. Wendy enjoys being outdoors with her animals and being in the sunshine. It isn't a surprise that Wendy stated her spirit animal is a horse. The students and visitors of Landmark are so lucky to have Wendy greet them as they enter.