Summer School: Classroom Instruction

Submitted by jenett.houghton on Wed, 04/27/2022 - 08:52
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THIS IS FOR CREDIT RECOVERY ONLY. No original credit or "working ahead" credit is available.  Please talk to your counselor about other programs available for original credit. Summer School dates: June 2- July 1

Monday through Friday


Step 1: Meet with your counselor to receive a referral.

Step 2: Call the Landmark Finance Secretary at 801-798-4030 or come in person to Landmark and pay a $75 Fee. 612 S Main Spanish Fork just west of fairgrounds, turn at Robarge Auto. You will need a receipt number to register. 

Step 3: Parent/Guardian Registration MUST register student here

The Utah Food Bank will sponsor complimentary breakfast and lunch

Once you are registered, watch your email for additional information from Jon Loveless regarding bussing and schedules. 

Jon Loveless 801-319-3227 jonathan [dot] loveless [at] nebo [dot] edu

Jon Loveless 801-319-3227