Scott Carson Retires from Landmark

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Sat, 07/31/2021 - 23:59
Scott Carson in his office at LHS
Proud Veteran
Scott announced the Holiday Raffle Winners
Scott Carson retires after 34 years with Nebo School District
Tuxedoed Scott as Maitre d' at Prom
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Scott wins the ugly sweater contest
Christmas Karaoke in the House!
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On to retirement!


Scott Carson retired in July after 34 years as an educator and administrator with Nebo School District. If Scott could give any advice to his younger self, it would be “ be optimistic and positive because you're going to have a good life, trust in your decisions and your choices '' 

If he could give any to the students that go to Landmark, it would be “ Don't let your circumstances that are out of your control define who you will be and what you will be. You can overcome any obstacle, if you just stick to it if you know what you want to do and who you want to be it will all work out. I have a background as a child similar to many of the students here. I had a father who was an addict and abusive. My mom went through several divorces, switched to many, many different schools, and had some really hard times as a young person, but that doesn't have to determine what you choose to be as an adult.” 

Scott grew up in several homes across the country. His dad was in the military, but he mainly lived and grew up in Seattle. When Scott graduated from high school, he went into the military like his father. He then moved to Utah to attend BYU. He got a good job, graduated, and then met his wife, then moved to Spanish Fork, and he has lived here ever since. At first, he was an elementary school teacher and then became a principal administrator. He never saw himself becoming an assistant principal or an administrator at all. He didn't want to at first, but the pay was good, and that's what convinced him. 

Some things students think are surprising about Scott is that he served in the Iraq war for the first 13 months of the war. He also loves music and recording songs. He also loves watching tv. Scott even said sometimes he cries during the shows. 

Scott’s favorite quote is, “The first four letters in heart are here, we need to listen to each other and then try to understand each other's situation, and when we do that much, it’s less likely to judge each other harshly, and we need to be compassionate with each other.”

Enjoy every moment of retired life Scott and perhaps we will see you some Friday on the Karaoke mic!

Lauren Gomez