Poinsettias for Sale

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Poinsettias for sale

The plant is known as Cuetlaxochitl (ket-la-sho-she) has come to symbolize the Christmas season with its bright red and green leaves. Did you know that this American symbol of Christmas is rooted in Aztec history? “It represented purity, and its name signified “Flower that withers, mortal flower that perishes like all that is pure”. The cuetlaxochitl was cultivated as an exotic gift from nature and admired but never touched.” (from Drink Cultura by Jose Antonio Burciaga.)

Landmark has some of these poinsettias for sale. They are in a 6 inch pot for the low price of 5$ each. 

Please contact Kristeene at Kristeene.Zeeman [at] nebo.edu to arrange pick up