Once There Was a Snowman

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on
Andrew as a snowman
Snowman posers
Mark Bailey ended up with the Cone of Shame
Gabby emcee's the challenge
SueAnn gets the wrap treatment
Teachers as snow people
Winner winner Nathan Brown!
Bailey created toilet paper art
Chelsie gets the TP snowman treatment
Advisory classes challenge each other
Toilet paper snow people
Wrap it up!

Students and faculty got wrapped up in the first Advisory class challenge of the school year. Each class competed against the others to see who could transmogrify their teacher into a snowman and get them across the finish line first. The challenge was to make the teacher a snowman using 3 rolls of toilet paper, paper buttons, crepe scarf, knitted cap, with a carrot nose as the finishing touch. Nate Brown's class ended up getting him papered up and across the line the fastest. He now holds coveted the Golden Cone trophy... at least until the next challenge!