The LIV Project: Side Effects of Social Media

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Social Media Side Effects
Active ingredients: Connection, community, good feels, humor, information,
fake news, cruelty, insults, emotional turmoil.
Uses: ■ connect with friends, family ■ communicate ■ offer and gain support
■ build relationships ■ share inspiring stories ■ find community ■ plan
together ■ gain information ■ share photos, videos ■ promote work ■ create
Warnings -- May cause:
■ Sleep disruption, daytime drowsiness ■ Inattentiveness ■ Diminished feelings of
accomplishment ■ Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) ■ Feelings of inadequacy
■ Feelings of exclusion ■ Decreased face-to-face interaction ■ Unrealistic
appearance standards ■ Screen addiction ■ Feelings of anxiety ■ Chest or stomach
pain ■ Lost motivation ■ Delays in learning ■ Increased risk-taking ■ Bullying ■
Isolating behaviors ■ Decreased physical activity ■ Depressive symptoms ■
Compromised eye health ■ Unrealistic views of self ■ Increased self-absorption
■ Relationship discord
When using this product -- keep in mind:
Short clips (posts, videos, stories) do not truly represent real life. Photoshop edits,
filters, and retouching apps intensify unrealistic beauty standards.
Directions: not recommended for ages 13 yrs and under

Keep out of reach:
■ When feeling down, alone, or isolated-can cause negative downward spiral.
■ During breakups-can increase difficult feelings, excessive app checking, hinder ability to let go.
■ When use prevents RL interactions- opting out of in-person events, use limits eye contact.
■ If drinking alcohol–may cause excessive messaging; increase embarrassment following day.
■ If receiving unwanted advances, nude pics, scams. If instincts say "this feels off."
■ Following a crisis or trauma–seek professional help and in-person connections.
Possible Negative Interactions -- Do not mix with:
■ Insecurities–can increase current or create new self-doubts.
■ Boredom or infatuation–may cause binge scrolling.
■ Feelings of depression or anxiety–may heighten negative emotions.
Stop Use or Seek Support if:
■ Use causes obsessive behavior, excessive app checking.
■ Use exceeds more than two hours per day.
■ Confusion occurs between reality vs. non-reality.
■ You feel yourself being sucked into the illusion of perfection.
■ Comparisons cause destructive thoughts and feelings.
■ Difficult feelings worsen.

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