Landmark teachers had some drop dead funny costumes this year!

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Mon, 11/01/2021 - 22:17
Sarah is Daphne
Teacher tombstones
Denise rocks out!
Chelsie is Arthur
Teacher tombstones
Carrie is the Frizz!
Todd's tombstone
Chesey Ortega is Linda Belcher
Sue will hold the football while you kick it!
RIP Cope
Tanya is Pink
RIP Bonzo
Danny Rojas aka Bonzo
Wendy Miller as a devil cow
Shoshauna Rolls in tourist style
Emily is a three hole punch
Chelsie says Boo!

Last Friday the teachers showed up in some great get-ups! From old school cartoon favorites Lucy and Daphne to the PBS staples Arthur and Ms. Frizzle, the cartoon classics were represented. Even modern characters like Linda Belcher and footballislife Danny Rojas made appearances. Landmark saw a bunch of funny teachers in the halls last week. RIP Halloween 2021!

Dulce Fernandez, Joey Kunkel, Sarah Knudsen