The greatest boy band Landmark had ever seen

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Josh, Eli, Rafael, Eli
My heart will go on with Todd and Josh
Crocheted teenage mutant ninja turtles created by Chelsie

Todd, Josh, Rafael, and Eli from Chelsie's 4th period US History class comprised the greatest boy band Landmark has ever seen. These fabulous IV started the class sing-along and then won the Cold War commander game. They have dubbed themselves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Because they won the Cold War Commander game they earned the right to request a custom octopus, handmade by Chelsie. Of course, they chose the ninja turtles.

Sadly, the band has broken up, as Todd has earned all the credit he needs for US History. Today in class, they said fond farewells by singing Celine Dione's timeless classic "My Heart Will Go On."

Chelsie Young