Dragons of the Month: Mini-term 4

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Sat, 01/29/2022 - 14:23
Dragons of the Mini term
Dragon Pinning Ceremony
Derek Miller
Kaelie Robinson
Edgar Valdovinos
Izzy Munoz
Juve Vasquez
Dragons of the Mini-term
Congrats Izzy
Congrats Edgar
Congrats Derek
Congrats Juve

Congratulations to our Dragons of the Mini-term. Each of these 5 students exemplified one of the Vital Behaviors and left an impression on their peers and teachers. Each of the students received a certificate, treats, gift card, and a ceremonial Landmark Dragon Pin. Thursday was a great day to be a Dragon!

Attendance: Derek Miller has not missed a single day in any of his classes. Derek is here on time every single day. Not only that, when he is in class, he is present, he participates, he does his work and contributes to a good classroom environment. He is a great student! 

Positive Attitude: Kaelie Robinson is always polite in asking for help when she needs it. She always has a positive attitude. Kaelie never takes a day off and is always working towards completing her assignments.

Productivity: Edgar Valdovinos is just an awesome math student. He relies on his friend to help him better understand concepts. He will then help his friend in kind learn the concepts he knows.

Cooperation: Izzy Munoz has made SO MUCH PROGRESS this year. She understands what is expected and is doing great at meeting those expectations. I am proud of how far she's come.

Civility: Juve Vasquez is cool as a cucumber. He's positive, friendly, kind, and exemplifies so many of the things a Dragon should be. Somehow, he also managed to win a bet that means Andrew, Hilary, and Lynn Mecham have to do a cartwheel at the next assembly. Andrew and Hilary have made good on their bets... looks like it is time for Lynn to show us his cartwheeling skills!


Madi, Mauricio