Crystal Apple Award 2023-2024

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Jennie Taylor recieving the Crystal Apple award
Jennie Taylor recieving the Crystal Apple award
Jennie Taylor recieving the Crystal Apple award

The Crystal Apple Award for 2023-2024 was awarded to Jennie Taylor. The Crystal Apple Awards are an annual celebration taking place that seeks to recognize public school educators who have made a positive impact on the lives of their students. 

Kelly Taylor: Jennie Taylor has been a gift to Landmark students! Her consistent, caring, even demeanor creates a safe place for students to make mistakes, contribute to discussions and celebrate successes in their class. From her punny math t-shirts to her witty sense of humor, students feel like they belong and are part of a community. I am grateful for her dedication to goodness and I am lucky to call her my colleague and friend.

Laurice Williamson: I would just like to say that Jennie is a calming, friendly influence wherever she goes.  She is just easy going, funny and kind.  I've heard students talk about how patient she is and how they finally understand math because of her.

Emily Hiatt: I have seen Jennie teach more times then she would have liked me to and even early on in her career she was a natural.  The kids love Jennie and she so easily connects with them, which in my opinion is the most important quality that a teacher can have. Jennie loves her content and her 'math nerd' energy gets kids excited about the most boring subject in school (no offense Jennie). Not only is she a wonderful teacher, but she is loved by her coworkers.  Teachers beg Jennie to come eat lunch with them in the lunchroom, love being around her, and feed off of her calm but hilarious personality.

Caleb Ovard: I'mma spill the tea! Jennie is the Bomb dot com! No cap! She has all the rizz. Her students think her teaching is gas and I agree. Her outfits always got drip! Now give her that buejee award so she can flex! Skrt skrt!

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