Program Requirements

Nebo Adult Education programs will serve students according to the following state and federal criteria:

  • Eligible adults are those individuals who: Are at least 18 years of age or married, with the exception of those who are at least 16 years of age and released from compulsory attendance by the local School Board or an adjudicated adult;
  • Who lack sufficient mastery of basic educational skills or English Language communication skills to enable the individuals to function efficiently in society;
    1. Learners would be deemed eligible if they had obtained a high school diploma but pretest at an educational functioning level less than Adult Secondary High;
    2. Learners who lack sufficient English Language skills to get or maintain employment.
  • Who do not have a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent;
  • Who are concurrently enrolled in a partnering adult education program with a post-secondary institution.

Adult learners will be placed and receive instruction in the appropriate educational level based on the results of the evaluation completed by the adult education staff.