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Back To School Barbeque

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Fri, 10/09/2020 - 15:00
Jennica Davis and Mia Madsen
Janna Manookin, Cathie Faulkner, and Molly Newitt distribute the burgers
Kelly Taylor, Tiffney Loveless, and Karen Ripple serve up the barbeque condiments.
Principal Lynn Mecham cooks up some burgers while practicing social distancing
Sanitizer at the ready!
Matt Cope and Luke Tabachki enjoy the BBQ

Landmark carried on the tradition of a fall BBQ to welcome the students back to campus. This year was a bit different because of restrictions resulting from COVID-19 and a worldwide pandemic. Despite the unusual circumstances, every student who attended had a blast and got to enjoy some amazing hamburgers, watermelon, and ice cream! Principal Lynn Mecham and the members of the school's administrative team grilled up the burgers for all the students at the back of the school. The always amazing Landmark support staff had everything in place and in order so the students were able to remain socially distant as they picked up their food. They also had masks, gloves, and sanitizer at the ready for student safety at all times. The hour-long lunch went by fast as joking friends ate their food and enjoyed good company. The faculty went around giving seconds and then sitting down themselves to try some of the delicious food. It was a very successful welcome-back-to-school barbeque!