Psychology: Brain Surgery


This year Landmark is offering several new courses for students. Psychology is a semester-long course that teaches students about the human brain and human behavior. To introduce these concepts to students, teacher Sarah Lewis designed an interactive, hands-on excersize to help students visualize the physiology of the brain and how that physiology impacts our behavior.


Veterans Day Assembly


Landmark has a proud Veteran/Service tradition and we honor that tradition and those who served with an assembly on Veteran's Day. We retire our flag and place another on the pole. After the ceremony students and staff head to the gym for a special presentation honoring the staff who have served.

Upcoming Events: December


This Thursday and Friday is Mid-Term! 

The week of December 5th is Second Term Family Week.

December 8th will be Parent-Teacher Conferences from 3-7. Stay tuned for more information.

December 16th will be Second Term Blood Drive.


Family Week

This year Landmark began what we hope will be a long standing tradition: Family Week. Family week is a celebration of the Landmark family. Students, teachers, staff care about each other and work together to help students succeed. But, families do more than work together, they also have a great time together, and that is what Family Week is all about. 

So once a term we will come together for a week of fun activities during school.

First term's activities were as follows:

Monday: Celebrating October birthdays with cupcakes at lunch.

Dance tryouts!

Thursday November 3, 2016

2:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Dance combo will be taught from 2:30 to 4:30. Tryout will be from 4:30 to 5:00.

*If there are any issues with transportation and you still want to tryout come talk to Sarah. I can schedule a special tryout time.


Hope Week

Recently, Landmark's Hope Squad put on Hope Week, a week of activities and information about suicide prevention and student support. It included advisory activities meant to help student see the beauty and joy of life, an informational assembly with a performance from the Landmark Dance Company, and a resilience activity.


Annual Kickball Tournament!!


Mid-September is a special time of year here at Landmark. It is a time when we come together a a Landmark family and compete in perhaps the most important sport of all times: Kickball. Advisory classes compete for the coveted title of This Year's Winner. This year the competition was stiff and the burgers were scrumptious. The champions played the teachers in a final round and inconsiderately made Mark Bailey run after the ball several times. It was a great day to be a dragon!

Winning Advisory: Ben
Runner up: Nacho
3rd: Sue & Cope