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COVID-19 Masks Available

Submitted by jenett.houghton on Mon, 05/04/2020 - 08:08
State of Utah

Please, when you’re in public places, wear a mask. Doing so will help protect you and others as we work to keep Utah healthy and safe.

“A Mask for Every Utahn” is a state of Utah initiative, in partnership with the Utah Manufacturers Association, to help Utahns who may not have a face mask and are returning to the workplace or going out in public.

The mask initiative is for all Utahns. We would particularly welcome orders from those who:

  1. Don't already have a face mask,
  2. Aren't able to make a face mask or get one from someone else, and
  3. Aren't able to purchase a face mask.

The state will provide one mask to each resident who needs one, and will mail — upon request, once, and free of charge — up to six masks to each Utah residential address.

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