September 2018 Student of the Month

L-R: Kiona Hill-Decou, Trin Hammond, Kobe Muniz, & Skylar Jackson

Landmark works to instill 5 Vital Behaviors that will keep our students on the pathway to success, no matter what they choose to do with their lives. To promote these behaviors, we award Student of the Month accolades to 5 students who have excelled at one or more of these behaviors.

For the month of September those students are the following:

Attendance- Trinity Hammond is always on time and rarely has an absence. She always shows up to first period early with a good attitude.  She has perfect attendance and always engages in what we're doing in class. Productivity- Connor Nielsen is always so eager to learn more in class sets a great example for productivity. He is the first to get his work done. If he or somebody else can’t understand something, he will do what he can to help his peers or will be the first person to ask for help. Cooperation- Hill-Decou, Kiona she works hard in class and in understanding the math. Attitude- Kobe Muniz- He is a positive influence on his classmates. He seems to enjoy being at school and learning. He tries hard and is always appropriate. Respect- Skylar Jackson shows great respect for myself as well as the students around him in class. I never go a day without Skylar offering to help others or saying please and thank you!