Landmark Students Learn About Anne Frank

Chase Thayne
Alesha LeMmon History teacher from Landmark High School stands next to a sign about Anne Frank. Photo by: LeLand O Dell.
From left to right Dori Wollard, SueAnn Harding and Kristi Kristie Krause pose for a photo at the Anne Frank display. Photo by : LeLand O Dell.

On May 6th, a select few classes were sent to see an Anne Frank Exhibit at the Salt Lake City Library. (The classes were mixtures of English and history divisions, many of them currently studying the topic). We saw a documentary about the short life of Anne Frank. It told the story of her travels, her ponderings, her aspirations, her widely ranged emotions, her thoughtfulness, her mysteries and finally, her horrors.

The story was told well and realistically. It was the story from the perspective of one person, or one family, which was fed information about the world and politics gradually. (It wasn’t a moment in history seventy years ago. It was happening now.) We saw how each person took each piece of information, and how they reacted.

Later, we were shown walls of facts about Anne Frank and the Holocaust and we saw a space as large as one of the rooms of the secret annex that the Franks had to hide in for two years. It all made for a vivid imagination of the time period and the experience.