Landmark Students Bringing Happiness to a Person’s Life

Angela Gutierrez LIA Historian

On November 18th, the Latinos in Action (LIA) students from Landmark High School went to visit Alexis who is battling cancer at his home. The students took him gifts, treats, and spent time with him. The students played with Alexis and his mom a game called loteria which is a Mexican version of bingo. Alexis seemed to have enjoyed it. After they finished playing,  they ate pizza and  talked to alexis.

The LIA students asked Alexis questions like what he enjoyed doing and he answered that he enjoyed playing video games. Overall it was a phenomenal experience for the LIA students, and Alexis seemed to have really enjoyed having the students at his house.  His mom seemed to have a great time too. The Landmark LIA students show him that he has people that care about and support him through what he’s going through and that he’s not alone because stuff like this is never easy for them and the family. LIA students hope that he had a wonderful time and that he realizes that he has people who want to see him happy and better.

None of this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Little Caesars who donated the pizzas and the Landmark student body who helped raise some of the money for his teddy bear.  Alexis, and his family appreciated the donations, and  Landmark LIA students are grateful for the support from the Landmark students and Little Caesars  for helping them bring happiness to Alexis and his family.