Christian Moore Founder of the "WhyTry?" Program Speaks to Landmark High School Students

Submitted by brian.davenport on Thu, 02/04/2010 - 17:37

     On Friday the 22nd of January, Landmark High School (LHS) in Spanish Fork, held an assembly about inspiration. There were going to be two speakers; Chad Hymas and Christian Moore. Unfortunately, Chad Hymas couldn't make it, do to a traffic accident. Thankfully he wasn't injured. Chad had been a farmer who had a bail of hay roll on top of him, paralyzing him from the waist down and, leaving him bound in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Chad now travels around world speaking about overcoming challenges and accepting people, as they are, using himself as an example.

     Christian Moore, who was the second speaker, and actually got to speak to Landmark is like a lot of people that go to school here at LHS; people who came from broken homes and have trouble learning. Christian grew up with practically no rules, and could do almost whatever he wanted to. Christian hardly went to school because he couldn't read, write, or do simple math problems due to his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which made it hard for him to concentrate on learn.

     During the day he would hang with kids his own age. Then at night, because Christian’s mover didn’t care and he never had to come home, he would hang with the older kids, who were a bad influence on him. One night he was walking the streets and a car pulled up next to Christian.  It was Mama Jackson, his best friends mom. She saw him and told him that you are not allowed to see my son again, even at school.

     Shawn told his mom that Christian doesn't have a lot of stuff in the house and hardly had food. Two days later Christian was walking home and Mama Jackson came up to him and told him that, “If you go to school and show me your report cards you can eat at our house.” One day he didn't want to go to school and Mama Jackson came to his house, Christian told his real mom “Look, now your my real mom not her,” So his mom told Mama Jackson,  that he wasn't feeling good and that he was staying home, all the while encourage her to take Christian to school. Mama Jackson ran up to the room and kicked him out of the house and took him out to eat before she took him to school. Now everyday after school, Mama Jackson would bring him food and talk to him and tried to teach him things.

      During Christian’s 9th grade year he moved out here to Provo, to live with his grandparents, and go to school. When entering the 9th grade he could neither spell nor write well. He had this problem all the way from high school to college. This is where he came up with the three things you need to do to pass every class:  First, set your goal to get an A. Second, sit up in the front room and let the teacher notice you.  Third, turn in the work, and if you still need extra credit go to your teachers with several options and let them choose the assignment for the extra credit.

      Let’s not forget that he was here because he is the author of “WhyTry?” “WhyTry?” has helped many people turn there life around. It consists of three main principals which are: OPPORTUNITY, FREEDOM, and SELF RESPECT. In the program, he developed a system called “the reality ride.” In it there are two rides, the easy way and the hard way. The easy way is getting high (not by drugs but, by being self destructive), crashing and getting in a constant loop of self doubt, frustration, and anger. The hard way is staying home, studying, practicing, and focusing on what you want that will lead to good things and a brighter future.

      A good way to not be on the constant loop of the destructive path is by laying in bed and thinking of the positive things that happen that day, think of what you did right and how you can do it better tomorrow. The big trick is that if you want to get out of that path and make something of yourself in this world, whether you want to make a big impact or just a small one, then you have to put your whole life and power in wanting it.

      Christian also talked about tearing off labels by not believing the negative things that people and yourself say that your not. You can either live by what they say or tear off the labels, become something better. Another thing that he talked about was peer pressure and how if you have friends that hurt themselves and you then you will be dragged down and wouldn't be able to succeed. You need friends, family, and others that help you to get out and succeed.

      As Landmark students we see kids all the time with problems. Like crashing and constantly doing the same stuff that would get us in trouble or no where in the end. Even if your life is perfect, you still can learn from this. Find out what you do that is keeping you from getting ahead in life, see it and admit that this is where you are struggling. If you want to have a brighter future, then you have to stop with what your doing and find a better path, find a goal to like singing, getting stronger, becoming a writer, or whatever you want, and work for it. It may seem easier said then done but you must have hope and do it, if you do you will become a better person, even a happier person.

By: Michael Haws