Landmark High School Receives Donation of Artifacts

Submitted by brian.davenport on Fri, 03/26/2010 - 11:12

Landmark High School, in Spanish Fork, received a donation of several hundred dollars of rocks, fossils, meteorites and other items to the school’s science department. The items were donated by Ted Davies and Seth Sorensen. Mr. Patrick Hogle, science teacher at LHS received the donation from Mr. Davies on Wednesday March 24, 2010.

“The donation included dinosaur bones, megalodon and fossilized shark teeth, a mammoth tooth, a huge trilobite fossil, a brain endocast fossil, a mammal skull fossil, amber, which is fossilized pine tree sap which contains insects, coprolite (fossilized dinosaur feces), a real meteorite, and other valuable fossils. The total value is well over $500 and they have committed to other artifacts as they become available,” said Patrick Hogle.  

“One of the most impressive items in the collection is the meteorite, because it is so small yet weights a lot,” stated junior Gregory Gauthier.  The collection also consists of a set of fossilized teeth from a shark that shows their progression from the early history in a shark’s life.  The teeth start our really small, and then increase in size, until you get to the impressive megalodon tooth.  

When asked about the donation, Patrick Hogle stated, “I am blown away by the generosity of Ted and Seth.  These artifacts will improve motivation and learning in my students.  What a gift.”

Brian Davenport