Landmark High School Annual Kickball Tournament

Submitted by brian.davenport on Sun, 11/01/2009 - 19:35

On October 09, 2009 the students of Landmark High School, in Spanish Fork Utah, participated in their annual kickball tournament, and  BBQ.   The idea of the tournaments was to provide an opportunity for the students to show off their talents, social skills, and good sportsmanship. 

The school was divided into teams by their home room, or “advisory,” class. It divides us, into teams to unite us in our efforts.  Without fail, tensions seemed to arise between classes as the tournament drew closer.  Students got excited, like at every other high school sporting event, teams lay down their emotional wrath on each other and participated well and showed off their good sportsmanship.  It shows us all at Landmark why the competition and drama at other high schools is so undesirable among both staff and students. 

As the kickball tournament falls on the shoulders of the winning teams, and teams are eliminated from the running, the tension and the excitement rose exponentially to the point every one was excited for the final game of the day.   Midway through the day a break was worked into the schedule of the tournament to pause and bring all together for BBQ.  This was a chance for the students to forget about their teams, but a chance for them to join back as friends to have a great meal.

This year, a good slew of teams won and loss, and for the first time in three years, Brian Davenport’s team, the reigning champions, was defeated.  The winning team this year’s tournament was the Kristie Krause’s class, with Sterling Ludlow’s class taking second place.  Both teams did a really great job   and played excellently in every match during the tournament.  The last match between the two teams was a very close and well played game.  Each team is currently making plans to for next year’s tournament.

The winning team consisted of José Mendez, Shawn Warr, Michael Chance, Luis Carrillo, Dillon Tabbee, Alonzo Duran, Nick Yorgason, Triniy Martinez, Allen Susaeta.  They were coached by Kristie Krause, Dori Woollard.