Landmark High School Annual Kickball Tournament

Submitted by brian.davenport on Thu, 10/27/2011 - 08:59

               The Landmark High School student body gathered together on September 30th for one of the more favored LHS traditions, their annual kickball tournament. The games were held at the Spanish Baseball Park. Geoff Penrod, one of the new faculty members, organized and moderated this year’s games. Being anxious about being the “new guy” Geoff tried his hardest to replicate the enjoyable tournaments of years past.

                The teams this year were broken up by the student’s advisory classes.  This way the teams would be more even due to the virtue of random selection.  One of the byproducts of this selection was the opportunities for the students to get to know each other in ways that they are unable to in the class room.

                The winning team was Anne Crane’s class, “The Auctioneers.”  The games were set-up into two divisions. With five teams in each division, each team played four matches. The Auctioneers after working hard with the addition to team cooperation amassed three wins and a loss. They reached  the championship game against Brian Davenport’s  “Bambies.” Everyone student who participated was awarded with a sixth match during the championship game.  After a heated match, the Auctioneers came out with the victory over the Bambies

                “There are things that you learn about your classmates that only the field can supply.” said Scott Carson,  Assistant Principal of Landmark High and Geoff Penrod who officiated the championship game. The kickball tournament is more than just the sport, but also to supply a wonderful opportunity for students to socialize, whether it is in the dugout or munching hamburgers for lunch.


Evan Krupa