Dragons of the Month: Mini-term 1

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Thu, 10/07/2021 - 12:18
Kora, Audrey, Josh, Erwin, and Mads pose with their Dragon of the Month awards
Attendance: Audrey Justice
Positive Attitude: Josh McCallson
Productivity: Mads Huntley
Cooperation: Kora Jensen
Civility: Erwin Meza

There was an assembly last week to recognize the students who were awarded Dragon of the Month for Mini-term 1. These awards are linked to the vital behaviors of attendance, positive attitude, productivity, cooperation, and civility here at Landmark High School. Students are nominated and recognized based on their exemplification of these 5 values. The Mini-term 1 winners are:

Attendance: Audrey Justice: Audrey's attendance is so much better this year! She is in class every day and is much more engaged and attentive

Positive Attitude: Josh McCallson This kid is crazy positive. Makes the entire class a different place. Initiated a daily sing-along in my 4th-period class.  He is always one of the most positive and contagious attitudes in our class. He is almost always smiling, he jokes and laughs with others, he asks how others are doing, and he is great at getting his work done.

Productivity: Mads Huntley- Mads words hard in class and the quality of her work is fabulous. She helps her classmates as well.

Cooperation: Kora Jensen - Kora not only gets her own work done in class, but she also helps her neighbors improve their own work. I watched her help a student format his document to meet the requirement of the assignment immediately after she finished her own work.

Civility: Erwin Meza- Erwin is sassy, fun, and playful, but he never takes it too far. He knows where the line is and does a good job of being appropriate.

Karen Ising