Bird Beak Lab

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Sat, 02/19/2022 - 01:09

Worms were on the menu today at Landmark if you were a "bird" in Emily's science class. They rotated to different stations and used different “beaks” to collect different foods. Students worked in teams to investigate and record their findings.

"A wonderful bird, the pelican.

His beak can hold more than his bellycan!"

Emily Hiatt

Mark Your Calendars

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Wed, 02/16/2022 - 16:12

Be aware of these upcoming events:

February 21- No School- President's Day

February 28- No School- Teacher Preparation Day

March 9- ACT for Juniors (No School for Sophomores and Seniors)

March 12- Prom 7-10 pm (Dinner from 7-8, Dancing 8-10, get your tickets now, admission is FREE)

March 16- School Picture Day

March 17- End of Mini-term 6

March 18- No School- District Development Day

Last Day of the Mini-term

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Tue, 02/15/2022 - 11:57

If your grades are good and your work is done, it’s time to break out the Army guys! Students in Sue’s class got to dig in to the games closet after finishing their assignments and getting great grades. Well done Dragons

SueAnn Harding

Special Delivery

Submitted by Carrie.pingel on Mon, 02/14/2022 - 23:10

Landmark's Floral Club created and delivered their beautiful work around the school and even to the District Offices today. Happy Valentines Day! 

Monica Giffing