November Students of the Month

Left to Right: Madison, Bruce, Tracer, JJ, Wyatt

Our November students of the month are:

Attendance: Madison Hone
Madison is always on time, hasn't missed a single class, and is always prepared.

Productivity: Bruce Atkinson
Bruce does his work and it is of a high quality. He takes an active interest in learning.

Positive Attitude: Tracer Adams
Tracer has a great attitude. Even though he often struggles to focus and sit still, he never does so intentionally. He is courteous and polite and shows appreciate for others.

Cooperation: JJ Anderson
JJ is always cooperative. He tries hard to get along with his classmates and to do what is asked of him.

Respect: Wyatt Winters
Wyatt is always kind and respectful in my classes. He is interested, uses appropriate language, and keeps the conversations on appropriate topics.