Students of the Month: October 2017

Attendance- Porter Vanderpool
Brian says: Porter is here every day and works hard to make sure that his grades are good. He has a very positive attitude toward school and making sure that he will graduate.
Productivity- Kylee Haws
Chelsie says: She wants to do well and works to make sure that is happening. If she misses an assignment or wants a better score she works hard and makes arrangements to improve her work.
Cooperation- Uriel Solorzano-Alvarado
Brian says: Uriel is a student who is quiet and does his work. When you ask him to do something he will respond and get it done.
Attitude- Kendall Baugh
Chelsie says: Kendall is always happy and has a great attitude. Even first period! He is excited about the class and always a pleasure to talk to.
Respect- Faith Smith
Brian says-  Faith I think has one of the best respects for the teachers and administration. She does what is asked, she tries to help all students, who are around her, when they are struggling with their assignments.