8th Annual Kickball Tournament for Landmark High School

David Vivas
Front row, left to right: Armando Bedolla, Xavier Suarez, Paul Sanchez, Shelbie Brown, Jorgan Giles, and Taylor Buckwalter. Second row, left to right: Devin Olsen, Tyler Ozburn, Brendan Leavitt and Harlow John. Photo by: Brian Davenport
Senior Walter Hoffman makes an amazing catch during the Landmark High School Kickball Tournament. Senior Gunner Warenski , runs to back up the catch by Walter. Photo by: Brian Davenport

In an effort to promote school unity and a healthy lifestyle, Landmark High School in Spanish Fork held their eighth annual kickball tournament.  This was a great opportunity for the students to participate in physical activity and have fun while doing it.

 The school was divided into teams by their homeroom class, and each class was assigned to one of two brackets for the tournament.  Each team/class played three different games, with the winner of their bracket taking on the winner of the other bracket.  Each game consisted of six innings, with an average score ranging from six to ten points per game. 

 The final game was played between David Clark’s class and Harlow John’s class.  The championship game was a very close game with the victorious team winning by only one point at the end of the game.  The winning team was Harlow’s class.  In the eight years that Landmark High School has been holding their annual kickball tournament, this is the first time that Harlow’s class has won the tournament.  Congratulations to Harlow and his students for winning the championship.