Landmark Student Help Haiti

Senior Paul Folumahina presents a check to Bill Hamelau of the American Red Cross Mountain Valley Chapter a Check for $277.00. Photo by: Brian Davenport
Bill Hamelau, center, of the American Red Cross Mountain Valley Chapter, present a certificate of appreciation to Senior Paul Folumahina, right, and Principal Joe Kelly, left, for the efforts of raising money for Haiti of the Jan 12 Earthquake.

In an effort to help those who live in nation of Haiti, the Students of Landmark High School were very generous with their donations to a fund setup by the school to help Haiti.  The student Senate created a program called make change for Haiti.  Senior Paul Folaumahina took charge of the program and went around to all the classes in the school, and gave a presentation about the devastation of Haiti following the Earthquake on January 12, 2010. 

The student body of Landmark High School donated their change, to the “Make Change for Haiti,” program. The student body was able to raise $277.00 to be donated to the American Red Cross Mountain Valley Chapter.  On Wednesday May 19, 2010 Bill Hamelau of the American Red Cross was presented a check from LHS for the amount of money that was raised.  The check was present by senior Paul Folumahina to Bill with assistance by Principal Joe Kelly.

Following the check presentation to the American Red Cross, Bill then presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the students of Landmark High School to Joe Kelly and Paul Folumahina.  Joe stated, “I am very proud of the effort that the student body of Landmark has made by getting out of their comfort zone and by thinking of others during this time of need.”  The certificate of Appreciation will be on display in the office of Landmark, and then it will be moved into the display case, where it will remain on display.