Term 2 Family Week

Monday: Donuts at lunch for December birthdays

Tuesday: Off-campus for wearing a Landmark shirt of having a Landmark coin.

Wednesday: Saltine Cracker Eating Advisory Competition (Todd Killian's advisory won again!)

Thursday: Cookie decorating activity in the Gym

Friday: Ugly Sweater contest

It was a great week to be a Dragon!


December Students of the Month


Each month Landmark recognizes students who are examples of our Vital Behaviors. These behaviors are keys to student success at Landmark and in other areas of their lives. For December, faculty and staff identified the following students as being examples of these important behaviors:

Attendance: Allan Maynes

Positive Attitude: Tyanna Jex

Productivity: Merissa Wagner

Cooperation: Gavin Knotts

Non-Violence: Charity Ashton