Parent Teacher Conferences Announced

Landmark High School would like to invite all parents to attend 2nd term Parent Teacher Conferences to be held at Landmark High School on Thursday December 10, 2015.  The conferences will run from 3:00 to 7:30 pm.  If your would like to make an appointment with a specific teacher about specific concerns please contact them directly.

See you all on Thursday December 10, 2015.


Adult Education Recognition Night

By: Kallie Abney Dragon Times Reporter

On Thursday November 19, 2015 at Landmark High School, the Nebo School District Adult Education program recognized 82 hard working adults.  Many were there to receive their Adult Education Secondary Diploma.  There were there three who passed all four sections of the General Education Degree test.  All of these graduates worked hard to accomplish this amazing task. 

Wellness Day at Landmark High School

by: Alicia Beagley Dragon Times Reporter

On October 19th 2015 Landmark High School students and teachers participated in wellness day. This day was an opportunity to learn about careers, education, disorders, drug abuse, suicide prevention, and more. Speakers from all around Utah came to Landmark to discuss the importance of all these topics. Some speakers were professionals while others were here to speak about their stories and experiences.   

Landmark High School Remembers and Honors Veterans

By: Breezy Dunkley Dragon Times Reporter

Every year the faculty and staff of Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, had their annual, Veterans Day assembly with connection retiring the American Flag that has flown over the school for the past year. The Flag retirement program was conducted by the veterans, who work at LHS, assistant principal Scott Carson, talked about the proper way to retire the American flag.  The flag was retired by, Howard Bonzo, Todd Killian Mark VanVoorhis, Paul Dopp, Roy Devenish, and KC Rawlinson.

Landmark High School Holds Annual Thanksgiving Dinner


On Tuesday November 24, 2015 Landmark High School in Spanish Fork held their 5th annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the students.  This is a great opportunity for the students to feel as if they are part of a family.  Students were treated to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with mash potatoes, stuffing, turkey, gravy, rolls and pie.  Costco in Spanish Fork donated the pies to the school and the students were very appreciative of their donation.  

Landmark High School Introduces New Teacher Peggy Hales

Kolton Dudley and Joseph Bayse

Landmark High School in Spanish Fork is pleased to welcome Peggy Hales to the school. We  had the pleasure of sitting down with Peggy Hales who is also new this year to Landmark and learned more about her, and she like to do. Peggy stated, “She enjoys the students here and enjoys teaching them.”

Peggy used to work at South Jordan Middle School before coming to Landmark. Peggy is from Burlington Idaho. Peggy loves to read and likes going on road trips, her favorite one is going to Disneyland. There was one time that she traveled out of the country and went into Canada.


Landmark High School Introduces New Teacher KC Rawlinson

Kolton Dudley and Joseph Bayse

Landmark High School in Spanish Fork is pleased to welcome KC Rawlinson, to the school.  We had the pleasure of interviewing KC Rawlinson to learn more about him, and introduce him to the students and faculty of Landmark High School. KC’s favorite activity to do outside of school is being outdoors, hunting, ride four-wheelers, and motorcycles. KC is currently serving in the military. He has been in the military since 2004, where he is in the artillery and has traveled many places.  KC is from Delta and graduated from Southern Utah University.

American Red Cross Blood Drive at Landmark High Big Success

By Baylie Shepherd

Landmark High School, and American Red Cross would like to thank all those that donated blood at our last blood drive, on Friday September 18th.   The goal that school, and the Red Cross were for a total of 29 units of blood donated.  The total for the day was 27 units of blood donated.  The donation of blood goes to help save lives, and bring health to those that are in need.

LaMarque Ward Visits Landmark High School

Sighler Crigler

LaMarque Ward visited Landmark High School, in Spanish Fork, on Thursday September 10th, to talk to the students about achieving their dreams. He encouraged students to put forth an effort in every thing that they do.  LaMarque was very determined to give his children what he couldn’t really have when he was young.