Landmark High School Builds a greenhouse

Jake Barney

In an effort to continue to their recycling project that Landmark High School, in Spanish Fork, started last year.  Landmark High has built a greenhouse, which will allow the students to grow their own vegetables, and other produce during the school year.  LHS offers two class periods, every day, in which students are encouraged to work in the greenhouse, and grow their own creations.

Landmark Kicks Off Canned Food Drive by Holding Halloween Dance

Evan Krupa

  Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, kicks off their annual canned food drive, by holding a Halloween Dance on Thursday October 27, for the students of Landmark High School.  The cost to get into the dance students can either pay three dollars, or they can donate three cans of a non-perishable food items.   

Landmark High School Visits the Utah State Fair

Javier ruiz

     In an effort to create a stronger Student body, the student of Landmark High School, went to the Utah State Fair on September 16.  This is a great opportunity for the student to learn about what several different opportunities for careers.  Students got to see some of the wonderful art work that has been created by people who live in Utah.  They also have a great opportunity to learn more about the Great State of Utah.  Students enjoyed many different foods, and cultures that have setup booths at the State Fair.

Landmark High School Annual Kickball Tournament

Evan Krupa

               The Landmark High School student body gathered together on September 30th for one of the more favored LHS traditions, their annual kickball tournament. The games were held at the Spanish Baseball Park. Geoff Penrod, one of the new faculty members, organized and moderated this year’s games. Being anxious about being the “new guy” Geoff tried his hardest to replicate the enjoyable tournaments of years past.

Nebo Adult Education Graduation

Nebo Adult Education would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2011.  This year, the Nebo Adult Education program graduated 172 students. The faculty and staff of Nebo Adult education, admires and is proud of its students because they committed to get their GED or diploma despite their busy lives.  The graduates, during their recent graduation ceremony, expressed a feeling of accomplishment and success.

Carwash Fundraiser for Wounded Dragon

Landmark High School in Spanish Fork, suffered a moment of disbelief and horror when a member of its family was seriously injured in a car accident on April 28, 2011, Justin Kornacki was severely injured and his father died in the accident. Justin is still in the hospital, and his medical bills are growing very large every day.  In an effort to help this wounded LHS Dragon and his family, the students of Landmark High School are holding a carwash to help raise funds for Justin. 

Nebo School District Science Fair

Piper Bradford

Landmark High School is pleased to host the Nebo School District Science Fair on Wednesday and Thursday February 23 and 24, 20011.  The science fair will be held in the gym of Landmark High School located at 612 South Main, Spanish Fork. 

Elementary Division (Grades 5th-6th)  will be on Wednesday February 23rd.  Projects will be open to the public beginning at 6:00 pm. 

Junior and Senior Divisions (Grades 7-12)  will be on Thursday February 24th.  Projects will be open to the public beginning at 7:00 pm.

Landmark Remembers Veterans

Jessie White and Caitlin Banks

On November 11, 2010 Landmark High School, students and faculty gathered for a Veterans Day Assembly. The master of ceremonies was Scott Carson the assistant principle of LHS. He introduced Paul Dopp, Roy Devenish, Howard Bonzo, Corey Hoisington, Todd Killian, Logan Morlock, and Joshua Holcomb,  LHS graduates, all veterans who served for our country in different wars.

Landmark High School Honors Alumni

Leland O'Dell

On November  2, 2010 during Landmark High School’s annual mix it up assembly the faculty and students honored alumnus Paul Bawden for the motivational sculpture he created for the school during the new schools construction.  We were all honored to have him come and say a few words of inspiration.

Landmark High School kicks off their annual food drive with a dance

The students of Landmark High School, in an effort to help out those in need, kicked off their annual canned food drive by holding a dance.  The food drive will go until December 17, 2010. The students brought three cans of food to pay for their entrance to the dance held on Thursday, October 28.  The student body believes that it is better to help those who are in need, because who knows when we might become one of those in need.