Wellness Day at Landmark High School

by: Alicia Beagley Dragon Times Reporter

On October 19th 2015 Landmark High School students and teachers participated in wellness day. This day was an opportunity to learn about careers, education, disorders, drug abuse, suicide prevention, and more. Speakers from all around Utah came to Landmark to discuss the importance of all these topics. Some speakers were professionals while others were here to speak about their stories and experiences.   

Many of the speakers are or were struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. However, many of the speakers that have overcome drug and alcohol abuse are now participating or directing organizations like Addict to Athlete. These organizations are dedicated to helping those who are struggling in all types of addictions. 

Many speakers also advised the students of landmark on how to handle, understand, and be aware of different types of mental disorders. Suicide speakers identified the signs in a suicidal person and how to help in those types of situations. Career speakers showed the importance in education and how it affects your future in income and future jobs. They also accentuated on how to properly go and act at an interview.  All Speakers emphasized that help in all categories are always available if you need it.