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Students of the Month: February 2019

Submitted by chelsie.young on Mon, 03/11/2019 - 12:28
Skyler Jackson
Mayra Juarez
Annissa Nilson
Mia Crane
Josie Chee

Landmark works to instill 5 Vital Behaviors that will keep our students on the pathway to success, no matter what they choose to do with their lives. To promote these behaviors, we award Student of the Month accolades to 5 students who have excelled at one or more of these behaviors.

For the month of Feburary those students are the following:

Attendance: Mayra Juarez- is always in class, and always on time, without fail, and without making a big deal of it. She is quiet and works hard, but it starts with being to every class.-- has not missed a day.
Productivity: Mia Crane- has she won yet? She should, she's amazing. Always engaged, working, and encouraing and helping her classmates succeed.
Cooperation: Skyler Jackson: willing to help those around him with difficult concepts without simply letting them copy. Happy to participate in classroom activities and gets others to participate, well.
Attitude: Josie Chee:  is always respectful and positive, working with others even when it's difficult.
Respect: Annissa Nilson -- She is always engaged in class, willing to participate, and unfailingly polite and respectful with other students and teachers. She never has to be reminded about her phone or earbuds, either.