September Students of the Month

Clockwise from left: Nathan Hayes, Jacob Murphy, Litzy Hernandez, Cassidy Kennard, Briana Okelberry

Landmark has 5 Vital Behaviors; Attendance, Productivity, Postitive Attitude, Cooperation, and Respect. These behaviors have been identified as crucial for student success; not only in achieving their school goals, but in all areas of life. 

Each month we take time to recognize student excellence and improvement in the Vital Behaviors. Our September Students of the Month are:

Attendance: Nathan Hayes

  • Nathan has been in class every day, he hasn't been tardy, and he's been getting all of his work done.

Productivity: Cassidy Kennard

  • Cassidy has straight A's. She stays on task throughout each class, and is proactive about getting help and making sure she understands.

Cooperation: Briana Okelberry

  • Briana hasn't had any problems following my classroom rules, she is very respectful to everyone she comes in contact with, and she is very willing to help other students.

Positive Attitude: Jacob Murphy

  • Jacob often has to sit next to students with a poor attitude and he doesn't let them bring him down. He always participates in class discussions and encourages those around him to get their work done. He has helped others who are difficult to help over and over again. Jacob deserves all of these awards!
  • Jacob is here to learn and he's looking forward to it. He tries, he's focused, and I've never heard him complain about the school or culture here. He seems to like Landmark.

Respect: Litzy Hernandez

  • Litzy is always on-task, appropriate, and has high standards for her academics and behavior. I've never heard her be disrespectful. She will not enable the poor behaviors of others.