Landmark's Nebo Hero: December 2017

Left to Right: Brittany Pike, Wendy Miller, Hilary Jones

At the beginning of each school year, faculty from around the district come together to hear a positive, empowering message to kick off the new school year. This year's speaker and message was one of the best I've been to; which is really saying something. Author and speaker Kevin Brown shared with us the idea and message of putting forth a H.E.R.O.'s effort. A HERO:

  • Helps people with no strings attached.  
  • Creates an Exceptional Experience for the people they serve.  
  • Takes Responsibility for their attitude, actions, and results.  
  • Sees life through the lens of Optimism.  

September 2017's HERO is our attendance secretary Wendy Miller! Here's what people said about Wendy:

  • HELPS with no strings attached- 

    Her very job right now is to help the organization function better. She understands this and makes us better. She is amazing! 

    It doesn't matter who she is helping, students or staff, she does it willingly. Great gal!

  • Creates and EXCEPTIONAL Experience- 

    She is extremely on top of any task she is given. She does it and she does it well; she is extremely thorough.

    By doing her job she makes everyone else's job easier. She helps hold students accountable.

  • Takes RESPONSIBILITY for her attitude, actions, and results- 

    She holds students accountable for their actions without being judgemental toward them. She always greets students with a smile and welcomes them to school.

    IShe is great at follow-up. If a student's attendance seems fishy, she is quick to contact teachers, parents, or administrators.


    Wendy does her job with a smile and never compains. She hasn't quit

    She is always present, mindful, and cheerful. She is the attendance secretary and the students like her and think she's nice! That's awesome!

Congratulations, Wendy!