Landmark's Nebo HERO: August 2017

Lynn Mecham
Kristeene Zeeman: LHS Nebo Hero for August
At the beginning of each school year, faculty from around the district come together to hear a positive, empowering message to kick off the new school year. This year's speaker and message was one of the best I've been to; which is really saying something. Author and speaker Kevin Brown shared with us the idea and message of putting forth a H.E.R.O.'s effort.
  • Helps people with no strings attached.  
  • Creates an Exceptional Experience for the people they serve.  
  • Takes Responsibility for their attitude, actions, and results.  
  • Sees life through the lens of Optimism.  
This year we are going to take this message and apply it. To do so we would like to honor our Nebo HEROs here at Landmark.  Each month members of our staff may be nominated to be our Nebo Hero of the month at Landmark/Cornerstone.  
To kick this off I am pleased to name Kristeene Zeeman as the Landmark/Cornerstone Nebo Hero for the month of August 2017
  • Kristeene HELPS everyone without question.  She is willing to drop everything, including personal items, in order to help a student or a co-worker with their needs. 
  • Kristeene always, and I mean always, creates an EXCEPTIONAL experience for everyone, not just the people she works with.  Kristeene has the same great attitude everyday. 
  • She takes RESPONSIBILITY for her attitude, actions, and results and never tries to place blame for mistakes or mis-understandings. 
  • I can not think of a more OPTIMISTIC person.  Kristeene lives with a headache all the time that can be very severe at times, you would never know she is in pain because she chooses her attitude and looks at life with Optimism. 
Congratulations to Kristeene Zeeman our Landmark/Cornerstone Nebo Hero for August!