Landmark Remembers Veterans

Jessie White and Caitlin Banks
Picture of the new American Flag flying high over Landmark High School, as the sun breaks through the clouds. Photo by: Sheridan Castelton
Veterans burn the retired flag that once flew over Landmark High School. Photo by: Heather Frantz
Landmark High School honors veterans, who are members of the Landmark High School Faculty, as well as those who graduated from Landmark High School Photo by: Heather Frantz

On November 11, 2010 Landmark High School, students and faculty gathered for a Veterans Day Assembly. The master of ceremonies was Scott Carson the assistant principle of LHS. He introduced Paul Dopp, Roy Devenish, Howard Bonzo, Corey Hoisington, Todd Killian, Logan Morlock, and Joshua Holcomb,  LHS graduates, all veterans who served for our country in different wars.

Senior Chase Thayne was given an award for being the only student in all of Nebo School District to write a speech for “The Voice of Democracy Contest.” After the award was given the students and faculty all went outside to watch the veterans retire the American flag that flies above the school.

As the students and faculty went out to the flag pole, the sky was cloudy and overcast.  Scott Carson, explained the process for retiring an American Flag.  The process is lowering the flag in and then buring the flag, with the stars being the last part to be burned. The veterans lowered the flag while “Taps” was being played.  Everyone in attendance put their hands over their hearts and the veterans lowered and then burned the flag as everyone stood in reverenced silence.

Afterward the retired flag was burned, they brought out the new flag and as they were raising it the “National Anthem” was playing in the background while the sun broke through the clouds as it reached the top. It was a very magical moment. After the flag raising Sophomore Rachael Petersen sang “God Bless America” in honor of her dear friend who is now serving in the war over seas.

As the students returned to their class, all they could talk about was how the sun was shining on the flag as it reached the top of the flag pole, and the “National Anthem,” was reaching the end of the song.  It was a great honor to be part of this memorable occasion.